Color is known to be a very powerful tool used to communicate and it influences the emotions and mood of a person in a number of ways. It helps give visual explanation to an obscure quality.

There are reactions one can get by just simply looking at colors which includes feelings of fear, delight, happiness or enthusiasm. We can simply say colors are used to express emotions accurately and visualizing a particular color can affect the mood even without realizing.

There are different colors that are connected to the mood and can cause arousal of various kinds of emotions and feelings.

  • Blue

Blue color is associated with the ability to concentrate. It brings a form of calm and peace to the mind and causes a reaction of safety and security. For instance, schools make use of blue color for painting and wall finish because there is a high tendency for the mind to be focused when it is relaxed and that is what blue is known for. Also, feelings of trust, order and serenity is associated with the color blue.

  • Red

Red is connected with excitement and passion. It brings enthusiasm, drive and energy to the mind when it is visualized. There are also negative feelings red is connected with, which includes depression and danger. Also red can be combined with other colors to evoke other psychological responses.

  • Green

The effect of Green in the mind is always cool and relaxing. Green is used to portray nature and its features. Also it is connected with good luck, health and a feeling of regeneration. The color also depicts different things in various cultural backgrounds.

  • Yellow

The color Yellow is used to arouse positive behaviors. It stimulates the mind of the viewer and draws his or her attention. It is a captivating color which is used in different functions.

  • Orange

This color is known for the feelings of warmth, comfort and excitement it brings. It arouses the mind to become creative and innovative. It also has the ability to energize and drive one to do things beyond their capabilities.

            Although color has an effect on the mood, psychological reactions to them is personal and are based on an individual experience. It is common for a person to have a strong reaction to a particular kind of color and when this happens it is necessary to actually know the reason why. In doing this, it helps develop the mental health. �Κc� �UpaS�eל/�